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Bug fix pack for Viruside.Cloud firewall and national domains

This week is a week to fix a number of bugs on Virusdie.Cloud. Bugs with Google Chrome, national domains and other tiny details that annouying you when they’re collecting in a kind of a stack day by day.


1. Google Chrome and Chromium. Alert by Google’ browser when you try to download a sync file – FIXED;

2. Website Firewall. Add/remove IP address to firewall’ white list from firewall report failure – FIXED;

3. National domains. Problem with adding some national domains on national languages – FIXED (Except Thai domain names. Inwork.);

4. Website Antivirus. A scan progress stop problem on a half, that may occurs in some cases – FIXED (GLUE AI BETA UPDATED).

5. Other things. Other improvements and backend updates.

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