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The new antivirus and patch manager sidebar beta

Hey, dear friends and brave pirates of Virusdie! Today is the day we release the beta version of the new sidebar for antivirus and patch manager. That save your time when you investigate issues manually! This sidebar was the only way to investigate security issues on previous generation of Viruside and now we remastered that for the new generation of Virusdie.

The new sidebar BETA

The sidebar is a layer you view when you open the tools tab on your dashboard for any website. This very update is about the sidebar you get when you open the antivirus or a patch manager tools. Now its structure is much more close to the website audit report structure so you can navigate there easier.

What’s new there?
– the remastered sidebar for file antivirus tab
– the remastered sidebar for database antivirus tab
– the remastered sidebar for patch manager tab
– one-click file cleanup button and one-click restore button for all elements of file report
– one-click database fields cleanup button and one-click restore button for all elements of database report
– one-click virtual patch activation button and one-click deactivation button for all elements of vulnerability report

PS. Guys, this is the beta version of the new sidebar so that have some bugs. We’ll completely renew that when we’ll get our new backend and scanners engines within a couple of months from now, I think.

Other things

– the button that allow you to try to view the last report if there are now any been removed – FIXED;
– now you can’t view the configuring uncompleted website audit report during the scan – UX UPDATE;
– now you can restore the last cleaned files and database fields right from the list of reports on sidebar – UX UPDATE;
– the anti-fraud system now enabled for customers from Brazil;

I believe this update helps you save some time 🙂

Ilia Malyshev,
Founder and CEO at Virusdie.

Upcoming updates

– The new stable scanners plus the Virusdie core engine to scale the project faster and release new features;
– Multisite (5, 10, 20 sites and PRO plan tier) pivot roadmap release;
– Multi-mail setup for each website plus customer details for each website feature (for multisite customers);
– other PRO plan tier features updates and improvements.


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