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Virusdie bugfix pack 132

Hey hey, brave pirates for Virusdie! Here is the new pack of fixed bugs to deliver more value to you with Virusdie stability and convenience! Bugs fixed for scheduling scanning, website firewall, domains and reports.

Scheduled scan

You can’t run on-demand or scheduled scan on free plan or after your premium plan been downgraded down to free plan – FIXED (now you can run the scan for free once a month).

Website firewall

We found that some customers can turn on firewall on free plan, but no result – FIXED. (Now you can’t turn on the website firewall on free plan.)

Domains adding

We found that sometimes you can’t add 3rd+ layer domains to Virusdie dashboard – FIXED. (Now you can add 3rd+ layer domains whenever you want).


We found sometimes you can’t open summary weekly and monthly PDF-reports and face with a blank screen – due to you need to be authorised on Virusdie.com to open summary account PDF-reports. (BTW, you clients who get monthly summary per-site reports – should’t be authorised on Virusdie.com to view their PDF-reports). – FIXED. (Now you get a hint when trying to open summary account PDF-report if you’re logged out).

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